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History of FuseBox Radio Broadcast

The syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast was founded in 1998 by Mary Nichols (a.k.a. DJ Fusion) while she was an undergraduate student at Rutgers University to expose the best of Hip-Hop & Soul Music (and just quality Black Music in general - Reggae, Jazz, House, Disco, Electronica, Rock, etc.), from all over the world - "Independent" to "Mainstream" and "Old School" to "New School".

This weekly 3 hour clean/radio friendly radio mixshow was also created to bring quality news coverage & commentary along with interviews of various artists, activists, writers, businesspeople and others for the Hip-Hop & Soul Music communities (and Black Music community at large), which seemed to be sorely lacking in some of the mainstream Urban/Black Radio formats.

Mixshow DJ, music producer and co-host Ausar Ra Black Hawk (formerly known as Jon Judah) became a part of the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast staff in 2004.

From its original roots at Rutgers University Radio, the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast is a 3 hour clean/radio friendly mixshow that has spread to over 25+ international FM & Internet Radio stations and website outlets as of May 2013.

** Most Stations/Outlets Tracked via RadioWave Monitor, Mediaguide & SoundExchange **

The syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast is available for FREE for all internet, satellite and FM radio stations (especially those that are non-profit, college, low power FM and community based/powered) along with customized drops and promos if needed/requested via Public Radio Exchange and other distribution channels - please contact us here if your outlet interested in this opportunity and to receive more details.

Some of the Music Artists and Guests Who Have Been Interviewed on the FuseBox Radio Broadcast

Many music artists, community activists, authors and others have been a part of the FuseBox Radio Broadcast with great interviews, including:

Cynthia McKinney (former Democratic Georgia Congresswoman, 2008 Green Party Candidate for the Presidency of the United States)
Douglas A. Blackmon (Pulitzer Prize winning author of the book Slavery By Another Name)
Sadat X (Brand Nubian)
Kook Rock Ski (Fat Boys)
Tony Williams (GOOD Music)
A+ (formerly of Motown Records)
Brian Coleman, author of "Check the Technique" (Harper Collins)
Graph (Black Hand Entertainment)
The Bad Seed (Draft Records)
Guru (Gang Starr/7 Grand Records)
Craig G (Juice Crew)
Masta Ace (Juice Crew)
Easy AD (Cold Crush Brothers)
Lil' Mo (formerly of Elektra Records, now with Cash Money Records)
Pitch Black (Universal Records)
Treach of Naughty By Nature
4th Disciple (Wu-Tang Clan/Killarmy)
Hell Razah (Wu-tang Clan/Killarmy)
El Da Sensai (from 90s Hip-Hop group, Da Artifactz)
Wise Intelligent (Poor Righteous Teachers)
Killah Priest (Wu-Tang Clan)
Flo Brown
DJ Beverly Bond
Shyheim (Wu-Tang Clan)
Extended Famm (QN5 Music)
RA The Rugged Man
Paul Porter (Industry Ears)
LifeL.O.N.G. (Raptivism Records)
U-God (Wu-Tang Clan)
Witchdoctor (Dungeon Family)
Wordsworth (Lyricist Lounge/Halftooth Records/Rawkus)
Scienz of Life (Shaman Work Records)
Paul Porter (
Creators of Black Market Clothing
Creators of Who?DVD Magazine
Amanda Diva (MTV2)
Dame Grease (Vacant Lot Records)
Various Artists from DuckDown Records
and MORE!

FuseBox Radio Broadcast's Target Demographic:

The syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast and's target demographic covers the Urban Music/Black Music listening audience between the ages of 15 - 50 years old within both the central & northern New Jersey and Washington, DC metropolitan areas.

This demographic description does not include our vast internet radio and podcast listening audience throughout the United States and all over the world.

Sponsorship Opportunities with The FuseBox Radio Broadcast:

The syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast is always open for both Non-Monetary and Monetary Sponsorship opportunities with companies in regards to audience and reader giveaways, print and internet promotions, cross-promotion for live events, website hosting sponsorship, equipment sponsorship and other cross-promotional opportunities.

Please contact FuseBox Media LLC at our our sponsorship e-mail address or any staff member in regards to receiving a detailed PDF sponsorship proposal and to suggest any other means of sponsorship.

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