Thursday, November 15, 2007

History of FuseBox Media LLC

FuseBox Media LLC was founded in January 2006 by Mary Nichols (DJ Fusion) and Jon Pace (Ausar Ra Black Hawk; formerly known as Jon Judah) to expand the mission of the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast into other business arenas.

There is and has been a need for the Hip-Hop and Soul Music and Cultural Community in general to have a presence, build and communicate with their peers in the state, national and worldwide communities.

There is something going on within these communities where a mentality is being pushed that on a musical and ideological level that the culture cannot grow or expand on any level - collaborations and expanding upon education and ideas seem to be frowned upon.

This is a VERY counterproductive idea - especially due to the intelligence, talent, creative connections and business connections that everyone has on one level or another in the Hip-Hop and Soul community.

FuseBox Media LLC is there to contribute to the positive growth in our own small way in the worldwide Hip-Hop & Soul communities via providing exposure to them via our following divisions:
  • FuseBox Media Music Division aka FuseBox Beats - The Music Production Arm of FuseBox Media with DJ Fusion & Ausar Ra Black Hawk; Also Home of the FuseBox Radio & Mixtape Series & Compilations Mixed and Hosted by DJ Fusion & Ausar Ra Black Hawk

  • FuseBox Media Literary Division - FuseBox Media's Arm for the Written Word Promoting Various Facets of Black Music & Culture via Interviews, Reviews & Opinion Articles published via our own blog, & with other websites/publications

  • FuseBox Media Event Planning & Production - Planning & Coordination of Hip-Hop & Soul Events (Music Festivals, DJ Nights, Open Mic Events, etc.)
Some Of The Most Recent FuseBox Radio/ Mixtapes (Available For Free Download though our official BandCamp page):

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